Physical Development

Jan 15th 2021


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From the moment your children are born, their development becomes your primary concern. Physical Development is a key aspect of that since it involves the ability to use muscles and other body parts for various skills. Take a moment to reflect on the physical activity in your own life and every chore or activity that requires it. The list would be long!

What is Physical Development?

Physical Development refers to a child's ability to use and control their body. It is one of the domains of holistic development of children. It relates to the development of physiological elements, such as brain, muscles, and senses which are crucial for growth and skill development. This can go from an infant recognizing a mother's smell all the way to walking or moving objects.


What type of skills can kids learn through holistic development?

There are many skills that can be acquired this way. This includes things like fine motor skills, gross motor skills, spatial or sensory skills. All these are pivotal for your child in the long run.

Fine motor skills are very important because they use small muscles in the hand and wrists, and tasks such as holding items, drawing, stacking or cutting require this type of skill.

Then you have gross motor skills. These are more basic, and they focus on the simple tasks we do. Lifting, jumping, running, walking, sitting and kicking are important gross motor skills that every child needs to perform.

Your child also needs to learn sensory skills. These are taste, smell, touch, vision, hearing and many others. These skills define the way your child interacts with the environment.


How do these skills help your child?

Every skill mentioned above is extremely important for any child. They will help your child learn how to interact with various things, while also understanding the environment and connecting with it. Even though it feels somewhat natural at first, the truth is that holistic development can easily be overlooked. However, an increasing number of teachers and parents are using this system.

More specifically, physical development forms the foundation for the other realms of development in your child. Having the necessary physical skills will allow them to move about and explore new things in their environment without any limitations. It will allow them to not only grow cognitively as they experiment but also socially as they move and interact with other children.

It's always recommended to encourage your child’s physical development through various activities. A good exercising routine and helping your child focus on certain skills can make quite the difference in the long run.

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