How to Promote Physical Development

Jan 27th 2021


10 min read


We've already talked about Physical Development and it's importance for your child, so how do you actually help your child acquire these skills naturally? These tips and tricks listed below may give you a few pointers on how you can approach your child’s physical development.

Take Family Walks

Consistent walks can help your child boost muscle mass and encourage joints to work properly. These walks could also serve as good family together time outside the house.


Simple walks can make a huge difference in the long run. You can play some games as you walk in order to make this fun for your kids.

Create an Obstacle Course in your Yard

An obstacle course helps your kid learn how to adapt to new situations. The course can involve running, jumping, walking carefully and so on. You can make it more challenging over time by adding a time restriction. This is a good way for your child to be physically engaged, mentally stimulated and have fun at the same time.

Encourage Sandbox Time

Sandbox time is great because kids can play with sand, and learn about shapes and objects.


It'll help them refine their fine-motor skills and as a bonus, will also boost their creativity as they play and experiment.

Play with the Ball

Any type of game that involves playing with a ball is great for physical development. It helps boost the muscle mass, hand-eye, foot-eye coordination, and other gross motor skills.


Make sure to find the right protective gear to ensure safety.

Create Art

Setup an art table and start creating all kinds of art pieces with your child. The most obvious benefit is that it helps with your child's creativity, but similar to playing in the sandbox, it helps develop quite a few motor skills as well.


Dancing is fun! It enables physical development too. Let your child decide what type of music they like, break down any barriers and let loose. Dance with your child and they will enjoy it more! They may also develop an ear for a certain type of music which will help with relieving stress later on.

You can find all kinds of activities that encourage your child’s physical development. It’s also important to note that there is no one size fits all. Every child is unique in their own way and goes at their own speed. Think outside the box if you need to and really focus on getting the experience and results you need.

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