Getting Kids Involved in Daily Tasks

Jan 19th 2021


10 min read


The idea of getting kids excited and involved in day to day tasks sounds great in theory but the truth is that its easier said than done.

But, worry no more because there are several practical steps that parents like you can take to guide your kids to do their share of household chores, and willingly so!

Remove Distractions

Just remove anything that distracts your children if this is the reason why they don't want to do their chores. More often than not, it likely means that you need to turn off their electronic devices and you will only turn them on once they finish their chores.


Talk to your kids afterwards but keep it short. Motivate them to finish their tasks so that they can get back to doing what they initially wanted to do. Appealing to the self-interests of your child, instead of bothering to explain the abstract concept of duty and responsibility, is sometimes more effective for children.

Develop a Structure for Daily Tasks

It is essential to have a structure as far as completing daily tasks is concerned. There must be a definite time for doing household chores.


Evenings are often the perfect time for chores during school days since doing chores every morning will only add to the intensity and stress of going to school right on time.

In general, prior to turning on devices, make it a rule that your kids should have cleaned their room. This way, they will learn about the responsibilities they need to meet before they enjoy their free time.

When a structure is put in place, most kids will soon choose to finish their daily tasks before getting on with the things they wish to do.

Set a Time Limit for Daily Tasks

Time limits are helpful for getting your kids comply with doing their daily tasks on time. For instance, you can tell your son to pack up his toys and clear his room in 15 minutes and if he doesn’t finish within this timeframe, you deduct the additional time from his time spent on electronics.


The beauty of this kind of system is that it saves you from having to constantly nag your kids. Instead, you just need to keep time. Additionally, it gamifies the process for the child as well and makes an otherwise tedious task somewhat interesting.

Never Use Daily Tasks as Punishments

Daily chores should never be used to punish your child. If your kids do something wrong, never make them do the dishes as a consequence. Remember that your goal is for your child to learn that daily tasks are expected responsibilities that they have to do no matter what.


Do not tie it to being a consequence of bad behavior.

Use the Reward System

Finally, if you want your kids to be more involved with daily tasks, you can try a reward system.


For instance, if your daughter does three tasks in a row in one day, she gets a reward such as her favorite dish for dinner or enjoying more screen time after doing her homework.

Get your kids more involved in daily tasks with these tips so your days and nights don’t have to be a constant battle between you and your children.

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