Developing Positive Thinking in Children

Jan 26th 2021


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Have you ever noticed, your baby never gives up trying to crawl, stand up or walk no matter how many times they fall? They keep trying until they achieve it and then move on to the next challenge. As they get older, they start to treat falls like failures and begin to get disheartened. It is important to give them enough love, support and guidance during their formative years of development so they develop a healthy and positive attitude. Here are a few methods to inculcate positive thinking in your children.

Become a Role Model

Children learn a lot through observation. While challenges in an adult life may be significant, its very important that you maintain a positive attitude when you hit roadblocks. Let your children know failures are a part of life. Let them observe you as you take on a problem solving attitude when things don't go as expected. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, but once you set the right example, your child will follow your lead and do the same things you’re doing right now when faced with challenges.


Consider this effort as an investment not only in your child but in yourself as well.

Use the WOOP Approach

This approach helps your child set goals, organize and prepare. The WOOP system requires your child to focus on their Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan. This shows your kid that everything is possible, as long as you have the right plan and focus.


This mechanism helps the child have a problem solving attitude and focus more on the approach than the result.

Record the Awe Moments

Encourage your child to keep a journal. After every achievement/milestone, no matter how big or small, ask them record their journey along with the challenges and the steps taken. It is important that they recognize the hard work they put in for their achievements.


Recording these journeys and looking back on them will help not only bring a positive outlook but also build their confidence.

Teach your Child Positive Affirmations

A good way to practice positive thinking is to repeat positive affirmations. You can choose some for your child, but you can also encourage them to find new ones. Not only does this help your child boost their confidence levels, but will also keep them happy in the long run.


Make a game out of this, encourage your child to find new affirmations and repeat them often. This game will make your kid happy and a lot more positive.

Help your child develop new skills

Learning new things helps stimulate growth of your child and also builds confidence. This encourages them to think positively and continually pursue new ways to enhance their skills. Explore your child's interests by introducing them to new activities and discovering where their strengths and interests lie.


This is also a great way to share positive experiences together.

Although it may not seem very important at first, developing a positive attitude and introducing the idea of positive thinking in your child's life lays the foundation for a healthy, confident and successful individual. Simple things like spending quality time, positive affirmations and exploring new skills can make a big difference. They may require you to dedicate some time and patience but are well worth it.

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