Activities to Improve Learning

Jan 31st 2021


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Every child has their own strengths and weaknesses. No kid does well at everything and that's okay. While some children are great with numbers, others find it challenging and confusing. Others might be good with reading but may struggle with writing.

Since skipping subjects that are hard is not an option (or a smart solution), parents have to find a way to help their children overcome these challenges. Here are 5 activities that can improve learning in your children.

Add Math to Meal Prep

If your kids like spending time with you in the kitchen, use meal prep time to make them count, measure, compare, estimate, and recognize shapes. Tell your child to count cups and measure ingredients, count the number of utensils and plates required for the family, and so on. Math can also be included creatively during cleanup time.


Ask them to count how many steps are needed to finish the task or predict the number of dishes that fit inside the dishwasher.

Put on a Play

Tell your kids to come up with a short play with the use of some puppets. Fairy tales or familiar stories can be used or they can also create their own story. After the play, discuss the story and its characters with them and raise questions on how they developed their play.


Start a Language-Rich Home Restaurant

Start your very own restaurant at home then use it for teaching literacy and language skills to your kid. Stock the play area with food containers, restaurant props, and empty boxes with writing on them like a newspaper circular, placemats, or takeout menus. You can read the menu together or teach them how to develop menus of their own from scratch.


You can also help them in making a sign with the name of their restaurant. As your kids play, point out words on the props and tell them to spot familiar words and letters.

Create a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a wonderful pastime activity for all ages, from children to adults. Tell your kid to choose a worthy topic that they find interesting. It can be marine biology, gardening or anything else related to science, environment, geography, and more. Anything is possible as long as it has something to do with the interconnected world around them.


Purchase a new scrapbook with plenty of space, tape, and nontoxic glue. Tell your child to decorate this and show them how to find perfect content for their scrapbook.

Start an Indoor Garden

One of the best learning activities for kids is gardening as it teaches them about the concept of food to table and sustainability while giving them a sense of responsibility and purpose. Clear out one corner in your house with lots of sun exposure. Pick crops that can thrive there like tomatoes, chili peppers, radishes, and carrots.


Let your kids help you pick out the crops, care for them and watch as you integrate these into meal prep.

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