5 Trust Building Activities for Children

Jan 12th 2021


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Not all kids naturally trust themselves or others for that matter. This is why it can be helpful to get your child involved in trust building activities and games from time to time in order to establish a sense of awareness and trust. While you can always tell kids to trust one another, showing them how to do it is a more effective approach.

Here's 5 activities for you to try to help your child feel safer and more comfortable as part of a larger community.

Trust Fall

One of the most thrilling trust activities for children, the trust fall, helps build trust and confidence in each other.


To do this, the kids must be divided into pairs. One kid must stand and face away from the partner. The second kid will stand a few meters behind the other. The kid who faces the other side should slowly fall backwards and the partner should catch them as they fall. The kids then switch their places and repeat the process. Once the kids become more comfortable with one another, you can gradually increase the distance to make things more interesting.

Secret Message

Write the names of the children involved on slips of paper and put them in a bag. Pass out the bag randomly so every child will have the name of another child. Tell the children to write a message or note to the person whose name is indicated on the paper they got. Make them exchange messages. This is a great way of showing children that other kids know and care about them.


Trust Circle

Trust circle is similar to the trust fall but less risky. Trust circle activities are perfect for groups of kids that are just starting to get comfortable with each other.


The children must form a circle and turn such that their left shoulders face the center of the circle. Move them close enough to the center such that every child can easily reach out to the person in front of them without being too close. Tell the children to count to 5 in unison and fall backward at the same time without bending their knees. Every child should catch the one in front of them and the entire circle is going to lean on itself.

Two on a Crayon

Group children into pairs and ensure every pair has a crayon and a piece of paper. Tell them to draw a picture together as they follow a set of guidelines. They shouldn’t talk to one another and every child should have one hand on the crayon all the time. They need to think of a way of communicating about the artwork with no spoken language involved. Play a song and tell the children to finish their artwork while the song plays. Ask them to share what they came up with.


This is a fun and creative way to get children to interact and build trust.

Pass the Hula Hoop

Last not but least, this activity helps build strong bonds. Make the kids form a circle. Get a hula hoop, place it over one kid’s arm, and ask the kids to join hands. The children must now figure out ways to move the hula hoop from one child to the next without letting go of each other’s hands.


Use these 5 trust building activities to help children develop not only confidence and trust in each other but also in themselves.

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