5 STEM Activities for Children

Apr 8th 2021


10 min read


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities are some of the best and most interactive activities that your children can do and try even at home. Here are 5 ideas that are guaranteed to get your children psyched up.

Crystal Sun Catchers

One of the most popular science activities for kids is making crystals using salt. The ingredients are readily accessible for a cheap price at the grocery store and they are guaranteed to leave your kids in awe.


This activity involves turning the crystals into sun catchers. You can find lots of material online on how to make them. Here is one example.

Stop-Motion Animation Video

This is another great option if you are looking for STEM activities for your kids. You have surely seen all those fun and exciting stop-motion videos online yet you probably never considered making one yourself together with your kids. With the use of a stop-motion app , a few items, and your iPad or smartphone, your kids will be able to learn more about the technology that is responsible for making movies.


Once they get the hang of it, they can create unique videos of their own that are related to their personal interests and likes. Here is one approach.

Jellybean Building

For this activity, you only need toothpicks, a pile of jellybeans or some large marshmallows so that your children can start learning more about structures. Let them connect jellybeans with toothpicks and encourage them to identify the shapes that can hold well together, the shapes that can stack well, and those that are most interesting to look at.


It is a STEM activity that will help your kids to understand better the design, technology, and thought behind structural engineering. You can also challenge your kids to create a house or other specific structures. You will be amazed with the kinds of structures they will build.

Sticky Note Number Match

This is a movement-oriented math activity where you only need to tape a sheet of paper to the wall, a marker and some sticky notes with the goal of helping kids understand what numeric values mean.


Instead of making them memorize long list of numbers, this activity will let kids look for sticky note numbers that they can stick on the wall over the cluster of dots or stickers that matches the specific number. This is a very simple activity that you can easily do with just paper and tape.

Cloud in a Jar

Water cycles, states of matter and condensation all get the same level of attention with this particularly awesome activity. Some simple household ingredients such as hairspray and water can be used to show your kids how clouds are formed. This is a simple activity for young and older kids alike. You can also take your children out on a cloudy or foggy day and do this activity to let them connect the dots.


These are just some of the inexpensive and simple STEM activities for your children that you can try to let them explore, discover, and learn more about the exciting foundations of STEM or science, technology, engineering, and math.

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