5 Mindfulness Activities for Children

Jan 7th 2021


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The practice of mindfulness is the latest trend these days. However, as a parent, you might find it hard to define it.

So, what is mindfulness in the first place?

Mindfulness refers to the practice of using all the five senses to have a physical and non-judgmental engagement with the rest of the world. Tasks done mindfully are done with 100% attention and energy.

All activities can be done with some sense of mindfulness. This is a practice that can empower your children as it can help them manage anxiety and stress better. It also helps with self-compassion, self-regulation, and promotes positive emotions.

Here are 5 mindfulness activities for your children to help them focus on the positive and live in the present.

Proper Breathing

Your children can learn being in the present moment if you teach them to focus on the sounds of their breath and the motion of their belly as it rises and falls. Here is one effective and fun idea you can try for young kids. When inhaling, tell them to pretend that they smell something yummy such as their favorite cookies. When exhaling, they can then pretend blowing out candles.


You can start with 10 breaths if your kid cannot sit still for several minutes then start building up to several more minutes as you progress.

Create a Glitter Jar

Kids of all ages can create their own glitter jar or snow globe. This is a wonderful activity to turn to every time your child feels nervous, worried, angry, or upset. The glitter inside the jar will represent the thoughts of your child as they move around.

Whenever your kid feels anxious or upset, just tell them to shake the glitter jar and stay still and quiet till the glitter settles. Tell them to breathe deeply while watching the glitter float in the jar before settling on the bottom.

Go for a Walk

Walking is an activity that helps kids notice the present moment and practice mindfulness while getting fresh air and exercise at the same time. During the walk, they should spend a few minutes paying attention to the sounds they hear such as wind that rustles the leaves of the trees.


Talk to your child about the sounds you hear and discuss how it makes them feel.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a practice engaging all five senses that is easy and fun to do. Before your kids eat their snacks, ask your kid to think of its appearance, size, color, shape, texture, and smell. Upon placing it in their mouths, tell them to think of the sensation and the eating process.


As they learn to notice food and slow down while eating, it is more likely for them to savor and digest the food better while enjoying their meals more.

Bedtime Ritual

A regular mindfulness ritual every night will help kids reflect on their day and calm their body. This can be done through the short body scan. Tell your child to close his eyes then focus on their arms, belly, head, and others and work their way through all parts of the body.


A simple gratitude recitation is also great where your child shares one thing they are grateful for that day.

Teaching mindfulness to your children can help them grow up to be better people. Try these activities and see the impact they can have on your kids!

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