5 Healthy Habits for Kids

Jan 21st 2021


5 min read


Establishing healthy habits for your kids is important as it helps create the framework for their future. As a parent, you are a role model for your child. They learn what their life will be like by watching you. Try practicing these healthy habits with your kids to help them grow into successful adults.

Stay Positive

Keeping a positive outlook is imperative for your child’s growth. When faced with challenges, they will look to you for how to respond. Stay positive and help your child stay optimistic when things get tough. It is important to empathize if they are upset, but remember to turn the conversation into something positive.


There should always be a bright side your child can focus on to move past the bad! This will help them face the obstacles they encounter with positivity and optimism.

Limit Screen Time

A habit that’s good for everyone. Limit the amount of time spent attached to electronics. You can prevent technology addiction in your child while still allowing them to have freedom. Ask your child how much screen time they think is reasonable to spend on their tablet or playing video games per day and make them honor that limit.


Log the time spent on electronics and put them away when the limit is met. This will help provide a structure to operate within and also make your family more social.

Stay Active

Give your child time to play outside or inside. Don’t allow them to be a couch potato! Being sedentary can lead to a poor mood and sleep issues. Keeping active will prevent your child from becoming overweight and will instill in them the importance of physical activity and exercise as they grow into adulthood.


Be Empathetic


Practice empathy with your child. Do not let them judge or belittle others that are different. Talk with your child and explain the importance of other people’s feelings and experiences. Teaching your child to be empathetic will show them how bullying or hurting others is wrong and will lead them to be a better person in their community. Empathy is the first step to breaking down prejudices and making your child an accepting and loving adult.

Drink Water

Always have your child drink water! Sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices will lead to health issues beyond obesity. They are also addictive and destructive. Place an emphasis on water and not juices. Your child will grow up healthy, knowing how important water is and will not crave those sugary drinks as an adult.


These are just a few healthy habits to teach your kid. Remember every parent has a different teaching style, but these habits are some basic guides that can help children and families live a healthy happy life.

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First we make our habits, then our habits make us. Charles C. Noble