5 Gardening Activities for Kids

Apr 3rd 2021


10 min read


It’s very important to introduce kids to all kinds of creative activities. Gardening is not only fun and interesting, but it’s also designed to help them explore new things and learn new skills. With that in mind, it’s important to not force your child to do complex gardening activities. Here’s a quick list of gardening activities that are suitable for kids of all ages.

Creating Miniature Gardens

Miniature gardens are great for kids. You can guide your kid to fill a plant holder, then add different kinds of plants and finally decorate the pot with all kinds of objects, drawings, and paint. This can be a very engaging activity and can help promote a sense of imagination and creativity.


Watering Plants

Watering plants is a super simple activity for kids. It makes your child feel empowered by helping plants grow to their full potential, makes them take on a role of responsibility to regularly water the plant and care for it, and finally also teaches your child about plant biology and growth.


Gathering Fruits and Veggies

Picking and eating fruits/veggies is one of those gardening activities kids love the most. This can be a sneaky way for you to teach your kids about healthy foods. Consistently doing this over a period of time can teach your kids to own the experience of picking their own food and ingrain a sense of sustainability as well.


Make Bottle Markers

Collect bottles that you were going to dispose and let your kid paint and decorate them. Identify the plants in a garden inside or outside your house and write the names of the plants on the bottles. Then place these bottles as identification markers near the plants. This will help teach your kid about recycling and different kinds of plants around your house.


Designing a Colorful Terrarium

Begin by filling a glass vessel with sand and colorful pebbles. Then, add the plants and arrange them. When you create a terrarium with your child, you will encourage them to learn more about what kinds of plants they want to put inside of it. It’s a very creative and rewarding experience that you can keep for your child to look at everyday.


Gardening activities can be a lot of fun and help your child connect deeper with nature. Take it step by step, and let your child discover everything around them organically. As they get more familiar, you can go deeper into the activities. If they are starting to lose interest, you can gamify the process and make it more interesting through mini contests, like a race to see who paints the bottles first.

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