5 Arts Activities for Children

Jan 19th 2021


10 min read


Arts is one of the best ways to give kids of all ages a chance to express themselves creatively. In this article, we cover 5 arts activities that will surely keep your children physically and mentally busy. The best thing is that these activities are all simple and easy to do, making them ideal for a hobby or pastime. It doesn’t matter what your kid loves to do, you can find one that best suits your kid in this short list.

Hand Puppets

It has always been fascinating how some kids, including older ones, love to make puppets, put on their own puppet shows, and even talk to puppets. Well, it isn't really surprising when you consider that its so easy to make hand puppets that kids can do it themselves. Some bits of yarn and felt, glue, scissors, and googly eyes are the only materials required here.


You can use kits specifically made for crafting puppets or utilize items from your home, like old socks, and allow your kids to get creative.

Print Stamping

Teach your kids to make their own stamps using simple items such as a cut carrot, apple, potato, a cork, a piece of bubble wrap or sponge or even old toilet paper. Let them paint or dip the object in an inkpad and then use it to stamp the different shapes on paper.


Stamping is super fun and a unique sensory experience.

Dough and Clay

It doesn’t matter if you prefer making play dough on your own at home or buying some from an arts shop, your kids can spend long hours on this as they shape it into pizzas, fruits, flowers, blobs or anything they can think of. Now, you might think that this can be a real pain and messy to clean up.


Don’t worry because there's a simple solution. Just put an old sheet, shower curtain, or tablecloth on the table before you bring out the supplies. Once playtime is done, quickly gather the sheet’s corners, take it outside and remove the small bits before they turn your house into a mess.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is an arts activity that kids either love or hate. However, it is a must that you give them a chance to have this kind of sensory experience. It is something that is better done on an easel or a chart as opposed to a small paper because painting using their hands will naturally invite big pictures.


And for obvious reasons, finger painting is an excellent arts activity that you can do outside the house.

Doodle Art

Drawing materials like crayons, pencil crayons, markers and paper are the only things you need for this activity. Kids just need to draw a few lines using a marker on paper and colors can be used to fill in all the blank spaces. You can even take it a step further by letting them find hidden critters and monsters in their doodles.


What makes doodle art great is that you can never predict what they come up with.

Try these fun arts activities and let your kids showcase their creative streak!

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