10 Indoor Activities for Children

Jan 17th 2021


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One of the great challenges as we pass through this pandemic is keeping children busy indoors. For many parents, especially those who are used to going out to work every day, combining the home office activities with caring for their children is a difficult task to achieve.

Many children will continue with virtual classes or thematic guides so as not to waste learning time. However, when they finish their academic work, they will surely ask you: "now, what do I do?"

Here are some activities you can do with them.

Plan an Agenda

Planning for the day may seem like a simple task, but even astronauts do it. According to those who have stayed in capsules or space stations, the most important thing to avoid boredom is to have busy time. What better than parents helping their children organize an agenda from Monday to Friday in a fun way.


Tasks have to be certain but the schedules can be flexible. Put the organizer in an open and visible place in the home, where everyone can see the tasks on a daily basis.

Help with Chores

Time spent at home can be educational and fun through housework. Dads and moms can set aside a day or two every week for a deep clean of the home as a family.


To get the little ones to cooperate, it is important to assign them activities that they can do, like dusting the furniture in their room or putting things in their place. Don't forget to have some music playing in the background to liven up the mood.

Activity Books

An excellent activity for preschool toddlers is to tackle activities in booklets. There are a lot of resources online available for download. You have math, writing, learning, and concentration activities to list a few.


Initially, the little ones will need some guidance with the activity. Once they get a hang of it, they will enjoy doing it alone later on. There are also plenty of books available online in virtual bookstores.

Didactic Books

Children love stories. Put aside some time for them to read stories that teach morals, philosophy, and history. Aesop's fables is a good place to start.


If your little cannot read yet, then read it to them. Make it interesting - try to be theatrical, go over the top, make sounds that attract their attention, do special character voices, or have them finish the sentence by looking at the pictures in the illustrations.

Let's Cook!

Get the kids involved in the kitchen with easy, kid-friendly recipes and ideas.


Cooking with children is an engaging activity that helps them learn teamwork as a family.


Along with it's safety guidelines, WHO also recommends that people spend at least a little bit of time on outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling, or running.



Gather some items which your kid can use like pasta sticks, beans, glue, paper, or pieces of wood to create something using their imagination.


There are plenty of ideas out there, especially on YouTube, where you can draw inspiration from things like decoration to costumes.


Not everything on mom's tablet or phone is a game or a video. Kids can leverage technology to be productive as well. There are several apps such as Lightbot: Code Hour, which helps kids learn how video games are made by developing an understanding of programming principles. Castle Blocks is another app that is designed to develop children's creativity and imagination through construction, painting, and drawing.


There are several such applications out there which can be educational and fun for children.

Board Games

An idea that has stood the test of time, Board games are fun, educational, and a great way to pass the time.


They can be played at any time and promote coexistence within the family.


Activities like coloring and painting improves fine motor skills, neural development, and problem solving abilities.


It also allows children to be creative and express themselves freely while also providing a safe way to deal with scary emotions.

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